Best PC Programs Gamer Must Know

Your gaming on windows there are a lot of things you could download that would help make everything easier on you. Here’s windows programs every gamer should have just as a quick disclaimer this is not a sponsored article and we don’t have any affiliation with any of these software providers this is just stuff that we think is useful.

Launch box which is by far the best launcher for playing any possible kind of game on your pc. Now especially for people who have their pcs hooked up to a television and this is really legitimately. The best way it’s compatible with a ton of emulators organizes everything thanks to a big crowd source library built by an incredibly active community and on top of that even provides instruction manuals or your emulated games at least all the ones that evil movies coverage. Like I said it’s not just ambulation oriented it also supports your Steam library. There’s other launches out there like gameroom got any which is also a good one if you’re looking for something that supports team origin you play as well as many others but launch box really is extensive. I would definitely give it a look if you haven’t already.




F.lux depending on how you know it it really doesn’t matter how you pronounce the name what it is is it means to keep the stream of burning your eyes out when you click games tonight sucks adjust the colors on your screen so that at night it gives you a more warm glow pls opposed to the clinical blue flash of light that you get from a monitor in the nighttime you can really help your eyes feel a lot more comfortable when playing games at night and if you’re anything like me well that’s just a fact of life.


Pin Steam which allows you to Pin all of your steam titles to the start menu with very nice tiles. You know not an icon not a windows 32 by 32 python whether you have the regular windows start or even if you use your device in mobile mode and get the full screen think the nice rich live tile experience version of launching your game this much nicer. On top of that you can also pin specific friends to your Start menu in case you want to follow their online status without having to open up steam or steam messenger .


GameSave Manager a program that really does a great job of helping you sort organized and backup your saves which is more than one reason you might want to do. For one you may be one of those types that does a lot of formatting on your hard drive a lot of people do that on a regular basis just to make sure that their system always runs at eight optimal speed. GameSave Manager can be used to make that much easier and then there’s the roamer who likes to take all those saves with them everywhere they go just in case they’re going to play their favorite game and need to make some progress and then there’s also the very practical use of what happens when your files gets corrupted what then GameSave Manager does all this in a very simple one action process. There is no list of steps just does it.

Be sure to get this program if you are using pc for gaming. In addition check out the latest trends in ios and android for your iphone and smartphones. Learn here the best of warfriends for mobile entertainment visit link


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