Fuze Console – The Copy Cat Console


We are here to talk about a new console, this console it’s pretty exciting as you may know that is a Chinese council market has been banned for 14 years. So probably most people know about the Playstation 2 and Xbox but I’d say most people around here know about the house. That’s you cannot imagine that most of the Chinese will vote doesn’t know about too much about the council games. So I think fuse is not only a new brand for them and also a new  protector for them and the last year that Microsoft and Sony has entered the  Chinese market of fishery  but they didn’t do much well for them to follow.  So that’s I think that’s a good chance for us to do our new products and new  counsel for the Chinese audience because as you may know that back to the end of  the 1960’s start over at the end of a tease. The star of the nineties that we Chinese market has like some kind of copycat open into the entertainment system that was sold over 20 million really is she was shipped in Chinese market.

It’s a copycat but since that since then that we don’t have some kind of what we call official council has entered the Chinese market news always think this is a big potential here. Now the government has released the  restrict we can do that for the video game market so that why we bring the Fuse F1 to the Chinese audience, I think a whole is not opportunity that’s much cheaper that much more made people for the Chinese audience.  Chinese players and it’s not that there aren’t gamers in China there are millions and millions of them where predominated playing games on mobile devices. It is because for the bruiser years the mobile  game is an online games was so popular to the Chinese audience but I think  that’s not because they don’t play the council be that the console games.  The big problem is they don’t want that console game is because the console gamer will span in there.

Can any new from the record the news channel so that’s why they don’t know anything about the council game. So that’s why we want to bring a real because we know that we are players we know that real games were on the council level. So that is why I want some kind of console version or counsel to the Chinese audience. All right so you mentioned Xbox one and Playstation 4, you know the Wii U that’s sort of our current generation of consoles. The Fuse F1 fits comparing with those in terms of technical specifications, what I want to say that we are not a competitor is for them how that is for the Chinese of it because currently you want to focus on the Chinese market.

This other priorities are majority though I think we’re not competitors on that markets we are partners for the market what do we want to try to do as I said that we have a big potential. What do you want to do is a wake it up we want to activate this sleeping council market. Though maybe I think that Playstation 4 and Xbox One was like a  some kind of a high and the Machine and higher and further for this  what is a market out of what fuels will have one want to do is we are aiming the  middle term of the market.

We want to bring some kind of protective was a bowl  as the lower random machine just like a jewel box or something like that, we  provide the game that the council African that was as close as it can be  to the high end games. So I think that’s a good chance for the Chinese audience  to a user very low price to buy us some kind of our council box that play the  game that maybe they were getting interesting in them then maybe they  could have become something on a high level players. I think they could have their choice whatever they pray for the fuse my war  place in for Xbox one  they are all players and I think that’s it  into that’s a great niche to try to fill.

I mean we don’t really have a console like that you know you got to go three hundred four hundred dollars it’s going to get into console gaming these days. Unless you know you’re going back a few generations to the Xbox 360 or something like that I got that song is all right. Why 11 technical questions actually came to mind, is it taking disc stores and connecting to the internet to download games so what’s the format are we don’t have the end of this we don’t have any physical material for the package is all download the ball form from the internet. You got the controller design and looks familiar  look at like the Xbox one controller you know certainly a great controller that  we’re all enjoying because that’s a big question for us because you know as soon as I  said that the whole market was banned for 14 years.
That’s not a short for audience but also sure for someone who has the experience the war in the Council of video game market.  If you don’t we really want to give something new different, something unique for the Chinese audience but I think the first  thing we want to do is try to make this is as easier for the developers to bring  their games to our platform.



We don’t want to create something totally different that we just  want to make them feel familiar for this platform so we want three biggest, we  know that why you play Council is now you’re playing the hardware you are  playing the games. You are playing the software the more so for other more games we have the more chance you can attract the Chinese audience.

So that’s why we want to try something more easier for developers they have read as much as well as much as they can play games they want and put on our platform well with the Chinese council  market. Reopened and so many options come in the market I wish you gentlemen the  best of luck, certainly seems like an exciting project and I hope it goes well  because more gamers is better for every day.


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