MAFIA 3 A Detailed Review For You To Read – Know About the Ins and Outs of Mafia 3 Before Buying


We are taking an extensive look at mafia 30 because guess what guys. I got to play six hours hands-on time with market 3 special thanks to 2k games for paying for my trip and lodging out in New Orleans I got to do swamp tour I . to check out so much amazing stuff guys more on that in just a moment but in this video I’m going to be going over a little bit of the story just generalizing it for you without spoilers so you have a brief idea of what to expect is it going to be any good because they got to play about four hours of that and then free roam on top of it plus we’re gonna be checking out the open-world replay value and the map size and we’ll be moving on to the mission structure how exactly does that work then we’ll be talking extensively about the gameplay weapons and stealth mechanics.



So much more and finally we got some news about some post-launch content and that the dlc plans for mafia 3, so this is a full blow out of all things market 3 guys so let’s dive into so the general story is this you play as a Vietnam veteran Lincoln clay who returns home to find only racism and hate choking the life out of new Bourdeaux which by the way this is the fictional representation of the very real New Orleans and again I got to explore new Orleans it was a ton of fun and I really do have an idea of how amazing this fictional representation is of New Orleans they nailed it guys from the swamp lands to the French war it is all there and by the way yes this is a full blown open world game and you better believe it’s divided into 10 districts.


Now each district has its own flavor you got rich districts poor districts and everything in between we’ve got fresco field which is going to be our more Richie Richie heights type environment only the white people can really stay here and when you enter this area guys expect you know the inward to be flying around and cops to be all over you for you cause trouble here you are pretty much screwed and you have to get out of town and yes some districts are a lot more difficult than other so you have to really learn your way through the game then we got .




Verdun Barclay and mills downtown which is absolutely beautiful and nighttime the French word which is like stepping back in time tick fall harbor delray hollow by you Phantom river row and south downs and as you go south you’ll notice that there’s a lot more marshland in the open world compared to the rest of the map and it’s a ton of fun seeing the diversity in that way for sure and yes there are alligators in this one now the rumor is you might actually be able to feed a dead body to the alligators and curious to see if we’re going to see a mission around that I would not be surprised if that was the case but yes racism is a big theme in the open world i mean just exploring a park for example you will get cops walking up to you and asking you to leave it’s very very interesting it’s like you are experiencing racism firsthand plus if you walk into a store some stores are for only white people and the cashier will actually shut down this register and say hey you’ve got to leave get out this is for white people only when I just knocked the dude over the head and stole on the money so you have a lot of fun with it of course but it definitely has the serious undertones but yeah because of it kind of encourage you to mess with people in this game so there is a lot of freedom in that so yeah you can go around killing innocent but they will go and call for help you gotta stop then my other killing them in which can end up being a chain of just like constantly trying to kill witnesses which pretty hilarious or you can disable the phone.



So 3 roaming in this game has its risks especially if you get into the more fancy Richie Rich district so what about the gameplay how does it feel well the third person controls are absolutely amazing they are dead on this housing cover system of course is very easy to get into if you played games like GTA 5 or other 3rd person games just like this and by the way i was playing on the xbox one controller on the pc and it felt great now the animations they are top-notch i love his little hobble after he fires his weapon it just looks so freaking realistic i haven’t really seen such detail with the animations after you fire your weapon is like he’s truly reacting to what you just did and the weapons themselves feel great by the way the grease gun is my favorite definitely just by the sound and it’s it can really kill anyone that stands in front of it shotguns are especially powerful and beastly and if you are unhappy with say the Thompson machine gun you can actually upgrade its performance like i mentioned upgrades are a big part of the scam hours quite disappointed with how the Thompson machine gun was so read but man the grease gun made up for it and I was actually surprised at how important stealth is to this game it’s a huge part of the game.



More so than you think simply because Lincoln can carry only so much ammo so it’s wise to really use your stealth as you go through some of the harder areas in the game and really get used to the game he also has some vision mechanics as well where you can see through walls and this is also tied into the story comes from his combat training in Vietnam which i think is a really cool story narrative connection for sure to the gameplay you can also lock pick in this game this mechanic is super easy no big deal there but it’s a fun mechanic to get into a building from the rear and flanks your enemy of a man combat is especially amazing Val I in like tempted to not to stealth at all.



I just want to get into combat that’s how I play even though sometimes it could be a little bit rough doing that there’s some amazing crazy vicious brute it’ll take down move in this game basically you hold down the melee button when you get close to an enemy that’s injured and they come in a wide variety of flavors and are very different dependent on the weapon you are currently holding so you will see some absolute carnage guys trust me you can also perform a cool tackle move as well if you soften up your enemy you can tackle him and just knock him out I love this move it just flow so well with the game and yes there’s a wide assortment of explosives and special weapons but they are limited and everything costs money.




So again be careful how you spend and you’re probably asking yourself can I continue freeroaming the game world after this story is complete and the answer is yes you can freely roam and do all the side activities that you missed out on now there’s something very interesting about that as you take over district in this game you’ll be given the option to close down the district and continue the story or you can actually continue taking on all of the side activities before you continue the story.




So there are choices there before you close down the district i’m going to get into that in just a moment little bit more into details about how you can actually take over a district but yes if you decide to continue the story kind of decides to push forward pass a district and that district will turn green on the map and it will be completed to where you do need to move on but yeah what about districts how in the world do i take over a district and why are they important well the goal of the game is basically revenge it is a revenge tell and you are wanting to take over all of new Bourdeaux but that requires you to take over one district at a time and to do this you will have to tackle several different mission types but you don’t have to complete all.



The bus completionist will want to but you are wanting to get the mob boss of that district out of hiding and to do that you need to interrogate his laugh he’s getting in there killing everyone and been interrogating some poor fool or participate in assassinations you can destroy other economy gradually by destroying whatever our is of value within that district of course there are more dynamic missions like following targets in finding out information in that regard basically destroying property that is valuable to them will also hurt them you’re trying to really hurt their economy which their security and then once you do this will lower out the mob us once you see their money hit zero the mob boss will pay attention to you and he will come out of hiding any will want to talk to you or you just want to go in and murder the guy.



It is up to you now what’s interesting is each of these rackets within these districts actually revolve around a theme like sex drugs or the Union and more now once you confront some the leaders here in the district you can actually decide to turn them to your side by buying them out and they can actually work for you or you can of course kill them so there are options there it’s very very interesting and it really does encourage replay value because the differences from hiring someone to killing them can be actually pretty significant now once you actually take over the district you need to assign a new mob us to run that district besides you can’t run everything yourself you’re out killing everyone.



So you have 3 lieutenants to choose from and they are key characters within the story they aren’t just nobody’s they are very important to the story which i think is awesome and they include Cassandra veto and Burke I’m sure that you’ve probably heard these names before if you have heard of mafia 3 and each of these lieutenants offer their own extensive perks weapon rewards and more which you can call in in Game while you are playing in the game world now if you do piss them off they will leave you and you will lose access to that perk tree which is a pretty severe penalty so you have been warned of big-time now within the district you will be dealing with mob boss freak allegations they will send out their lackeys just tried to assassinate you just like you’re trying to assassinate them they will try to take you out what’s really nice to have a super fast car so you can get away that’s very helpful but a lot of times you have to stop and engage them directly but if you’re on the water at least from my short playtime.




Notice that you can get away a lot easier so just remember that one now if you’re roaming around and you’re noticing that you’re getting so many witnesses calling on you and it’s becoming such a pain in the butt you can actually call in wiretaps and also have the phones this enabled to prevent witnesses from calling the police so that is one of the perks that you are offered as you play the game and yes there are other ways to call and support including hit squads these guys are so awesome this is definitely my favorite part in the game you can have some all-out warfare here.




There’s also a mobile weapons still he will offer you made wider range of weapons assault rifles shotguns all of which can be upgraded to improve their damage and accuracy there’s a lot more to that including her own eggs that you can buy and some really cool heavy weaponry as well of course this all costs money so you have been warned choose wisely but Robbie what about safe houses can we actually have our own safe houses in mafia 3 yes there are some sort of safe houses they are extensive as some other games but once you take over district you can go there a deposit your earnings because that’s really important by the way you don’t want to die and lose some of your earnings which can actually happen if you have too much in your wallet you will regret not visiting your safe house and depositing your earnings now what about the stories that any good.


So I spent four or so hours in the story and let me say this story is much better than I initially was going into this thinking it would be and the reason i was thinking that it could be you know a little bit more like this Angry tail like constantly like that is because of the trailers like not that the characters were going to be just angry all the time but I was very surprised how actually they were so freaking likable even some of the bad guys are very very likeable and some of the best movies and you know TV series have very likeable bad guys it kind of reminds me of assassins creed two in terms of the revenge tell propelling the player forward by the passion of the kill your tapping seeking revenge in this game and you’re going to want to get back onto the story there’s a connection to vietnam which is a very fascinating mix with the Mafia themes.



I think you guys will definitely enjoy that and one of my favorite bits about the story is it twice so well into everything you are doing the side activities and the actual game world so they really do a good job of making us feel like a real live in place now what about the graphics I didn’t think you can already tell the graphics are very very impressive i was playing on a high-end PC and the frame right kept up at all times even when I was in a high-end car exploring full speed across the map now there are some Poppins when driving at high speeds but it is an open-world game and that’s kind of to be expected but the game is specially shines when you are on foot during missions or entering and carriers and man the cutscenes are absolutely amazing the mocap the facial work is just top-notch guys and there is a full day and night cycle with weather as well and you know the swamp lands are a nice change of scenery from the more urbanized square environments that you get into although those are even beautiful looking especially at nighttime and again those animations are amazing and what about post-launch content there will be posted on content dlc.



For this game we’re going to get a mix of paid content and free content immediately after launch the free content will be races outfit and weapons you will be able to customize and you can play by changing his outfit and you will be getting up to you cool new weapons as well but paid dlc is going to be calm in the form of 3 narrative-driven expansions and one of them really does fascinate me it’s about Lincoln clay and his ties to the Vietnam War one of his warm bodies has returned and is causing all sorts of trouble i cannot wait to play that one so it looks like this one is going to be very very promising again it comes out october seven mark that on your calendars i am sure you will not be disappointed if you love single-player open-world games you’ll love this one by the way this is not have multiplayer I should confirm that with you guys no more player in this one it is strictly a single player experience which i think is a wise decision no hangar 13 the developers initially said their mission statement was to make a really high-quality single-player game and that is apparently what they have done from my .


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