Odium Gears SmartWatch – New Innovation


We’re going to review the Odium Gears SmartWatch from China I picked this up at cool calm the price on it was a $63. I believe that they offered free shipping on that as well with some other shipping options will put a link in the description into Odium itself. If you want to check out for yourself the SmartWatch specs will go over this today on the back of the box. It does give you to QR codes. Actually no download that right to your phone for you, it is the Odium Gears it has a 1.5 six inch TFT LCD at 240 x 240 resolution.

It doesn’t have a camera in it as well as a 380 MAH battery, the box says it supports a 16 gigabyte micro-sd card,  I’ve tried it up to 32 gig and it’s still worked it is blue – 30. It does also have a sim card slot as well and this will support the GSMA 5918 hundred and nineteen hundred. I was successfully being able to put in my T-mobile SIM card here in the United States and it worked just fine. Making and receiving calls the functions that they list are GSM call Bluetooth, call the Dominator remote photography, anti-lost sleep monitor sedentary, reminder music player, video player camera album and calculator. Let’s see what’s in the box real quick you have the watch itself I got mine the golden color actually as a brown band and is gold this is definitely a Samsung galaxy gear to clone with a microphone and a camera on the front is a 1 point 2 megapixel.


It does inside this does have 64 megabytes of ram and 128 megabytes of  RAM obviously you can supplement that with a SD card which is no problem  they quote that it has five hours of control of talk time which I haven’t really put to the test. I have used it and over a few days and have gotten about a day and a half on  the battery with it and then charging time is not that long and only took me  about an hour to charge it back up.  So those are really good for that the front face is kind of a fingerprint magnet but that’s okay we can forget that most glass front faces are pretty resistant to scratching on. I got a few little scuffs on the bezel but nothing on the glass if you turn it over there is a speaker.

I’m cut out there is a port for your micro USB charger on the back it is just pretty much plane with a little  indentation where you can pull it back off over that will show you the battery  pull that off real quick and we’ll pull the battery out as stated this is a 380  mah battery 3.7 volts. On the inside you will notice that there is on the right hand side there is a micro SD or USB slot and then if you pull this down and up it is your micro sim slot.
So it will support both right now, I just have it  set up to sync to my phone so I will turn it on and I’ll synch it and I’ll show you guys some basic features and we’re not going to go over everything  this fun for this while watch does offer a lot  also in the box. That you give you a USB cable a user guide that’s in English and Chinese as you can see in the back its and Chinese just a regular USB Micro cable USB mic able to us being a – I5 volt one amp wall charger and a screen protector for the watch itself is also choose to use it put all this aside really this is just more of a first impressions that I will go over when you power on sodium SmartWatch.  Now it does like 12am and it does say October first but it is now connected to  my note for which I’ve already synced to it and it is connected to my galaxy note 4 as you heard my galaxy note 4 say it was connected and it should  at one point or it usually does at one point.

Asked me to think the time with  the device but it didn’t ask me this time  well there we go says on the phone it says allow me to allow it to access my  contacts and I said yes so sink date and time with the remote device and we say  yes and I’ll bring the time / – 25.  So we’re all set up there in the main screen you have a call button this will bring up a dialer you can go to your contacts. I’ll just call myself but will do that from the contacts you can bring up here. You go there’s contacts contact add a new contact then there’s contact groups you can add a new group if you would like and then over on the third one is your help bring over the ones from your phone. I’ll say allow access to contacts and if you allow it then it will load all your contacts it’s some of the things that has messaging feature for text message Bluetooth.
You can turn that on and off your call logs and BTW dialer remote notified anti-lost this will keep your phone if you want to know where your phone is. You can do it from the app on the phone and beat the watch now  remote capture for capturing pictures from your smartphone on this also has a  is said before this has a 1.3 megapixel camera in it with a microphone so that you can use it for is this yellow bluetooth  speaker phone.

But you can also capture video and pictures of the Settings button that will take your phone settings notifications settings you can set to just vibrate or you can set it to do sound and vibration or silent pedometer sedentary reminder. So if you want to set it for every 30 minutes or  so  I don’t vibrate and ring to let you know that you’ve been sedentary quick  response code again to download the APK application sleep monitor.

If you want to monitor your sleep apparently I can’t do sedentary and sleep monitor at the same time because it would just go off every 30 minutes. While I was sleeping  pedometer can I turn the cemetery reminder off the downer can do that you  can start it and then shake it a bunch of times and it should start counting  your steps and oppose back sleep monitor same thing you can start it. It will tell you how many times you roll over wake up calendar alarm calculator  you need a calculator profiles this will allow you to do a Silent profile meeting  outdoor.

Basic file manager this will take into your phone which is the ROM and RAM or your memory card that you have in the phone itself.  Audio player allow you to play audio on the phone also allow you to play audio that stored on the memory cards.

There are some themes too, as well harmonious, you can check that out there’s an FM radio there’s a video recorder for recording video. Again this is not the greatest video camera but it does the job is a 1.3 megapixel camera on camera image viewer video player for playing back your videos are browser sim toolkit. When you have your sim card in there and a sound recorder, you just want to record sound on all this is actually a really decent watch for the  price, it gives you are several different things like a camera that a lot of them don’t give you a speakerphone on your wrist which is great.

You can dial basically from your wrist so you don’t have to pick up your phone which is an awesome thing I found this the battery life to be really decent. I got a day like I said before I got a day and a half of battery on this bar before having to recharge it and another little cool feature I want to show you before we go is it has handwriting recognition for messaging. So if I want to write a message and now its own handwriting you can hit this button its handwriting quality will bring up a keyboard you can do your own. That’s a QWERTY keyboard or if you want to do handwriting health in America you don’t do handwriting you bring up handwriting.


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